Sharing Is Caring: 10/13/13 – 10/19/13


The best Cubs and other links from the last week (that I saw!)

Whoa, where did all this Red Sox gear from? I’m just glad Boston finished it in six so I wouldn’t have to make a choice between watching game 7 or watching Peyton Manning against the Colts, which is quite literally the one scenario in which I’d consider watching football over playoff baseball.

  • If you haven’t heard, Kris Bryant has been tearing up the Arizona Fall League. Fangraphs’ Carson Cistulli gives an admittedly premature statistical analysis on the AFL. Through Tuesday, Bryant graded out as the second-best hitter in the AFL based on the metric SCOUT+. Cistulli also does a statistically-based projection on Bryant, and it excites me.
  • You’ve probably seen this, but in case you haven’t, here’s Carrie Muskat at with a great post on Eloy Jimenez and Gleybar Torres. Both these kids seem to have a great head on their shoulders. It’s also a reminder for how important it is to have a guy like Ray Fuentes in your developmental system.
  • Prince Fielder did this last night and that’s delightful.
  • I’ll just let these Dave Kaplan tweets speak for themselves.


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