Why are the baseball teams…

People sometimes ask funny questions. More specifically, people sometimes ask funny questions to Google.

You probably saw the Google autocomplete map of the United States that was floating around the net last week.The fine folks who run @Amazing_Maps made that by using the first suggestion from Google after typing “Why is [state] so.” Other people followed suit by making autocomplete maps of countries, like this one of Europe. These are amusing, simple and easy to share. All the makings for an online fad.

When I saw how many states there are where the number one suggestion is “why is [state] so bad,” I, of course, thought about the Cubs. I went to Google and typed “why are the Cubs so” and sure enough, up popped “bad.” I tried that with a few other teams and almost all of the top suggestions were “good” or “bad.” That makes sense. They are, after all, sports teams. There aren’t a whole lot of other adjectives people would typically use to finish that sentence. So I dropped the “so” in the hopes of different results. Thankfully, these were more interesting.

Below are the number one suggestions from Google after typing “why are the [baseball team].” A couple notes before I post the graphic.

First, for whatever reason, some results were slightly different when I used the city name. “Why are the Oakland Athletics” had a different top hit than “why are the Athletics.” For consistency I only used the city name when the team name alone didn’t have any baseball-related results, such as with the Angels (people were searching for actual angels) and the Giants (people were searching for the New York Giants).

Curiously, a couple teams didn’t have any usable results. Google’s autocomplete went away once I typed “Indians” and the Royals top hit was “who are the Kansas City Royals tv announcers” which isn’t quite the same. I ventured over to Bing for those two. Yes, I actually used Bing. It was terrifying.

And finally, many teams had the top hit of “why are the [baseball team] called [baseball team name].” For example, “Why are the Padres called the Padres?” It’d be boring to use that for about half the league, so I disregarded it and went with the next one. There is, however, one exception to that: The Reds. That was the only autocomplete suggestion for any derivation of Reds on either Google or Bing. That’s how boring the Reds are. I tried asking Google why the Reds are so boring but they weren’t any help with that either.

Before you ask, yes, I am a professional graphic artist.
So the Cubs didn’t get away from that “why are they so bad” thing, but neither did six other teams. The team with the funniest results? Without question, the Nats.

I don’t really know if there’s a lesson in this, but if there is one, it’s this: The Reds are boring.


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