Welcome to The W Flag. I am Andy, an Indiana-based Cubs fan who spends a significant portion of each day thinking about baseball.

I’ve gone back and forth a couple times about what I want this site to be in the short time it’s existed. My initial plan was to write once a week plus a weekly wrap-up post (The Week That Was, or TWTW). It didn’t take me long to realize that turning something I enjoy into an obligation is a sure-fire way to make that something less enjoyable. Instead I’m going to write things as they come to me and not worry about volume or consistency. I realize I’ll never get a regular audience that way, but that’s never been my goal. I do this because I love baseball and I like writing. Hopefully there are people out there who will enjoy my thoughts. If you happen to be one of those weirdos, give me a follow on Twitter. I promise my posts there will be much more frequent.

I should probably mention that I am not affiliated with Major League Baseball, the Chicago Cubs or people who produce and sell actual W flags, and I do not have the expressed written consent from anyone to do anything.

Lastly here is a video of two amazing things: Carlos Villanueva throwing a 57 MPH curveball for a strike and Jim DeShaies excitedly saying, “Ooo! Look at that sweetheart!” You might not think this belongs in an about section, but I assure you it does.


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